GLPI — Versão 0.84.5 disponível

Saiu agora a pouquinho a nova versão com correções de bugs e 3 novas features para o GLPI versão 0.84.x.

 O pacote parece ter mudado bem pouco. Apenas correções mesmo.

 Segue mensagem de lançamento original em Inglês


The official GLPI 0.84.5 version is now available from download

This version correct several minor bugs.

See changelog for more details

Changelog original:

  • Bug #4765: Validation for post-only
  • Bug #4771: Email subject bad decoded
  • Bug #4772: Clean HTML try to avoid extra spaces
  • Bug #4773: Delete Request source / update writer of followups
  • Bug #4779: Create ticket : changing type reload form but do not check if category is always valid
  • Bug #4789: Fix select Item for tickets when no create ticket right
  • Bug #4790: Migration of status for bookmark
  • Bug #4791: Create a ticket from an item
  • Bug #4792: Bug htmlLawed for embedded lists
  • Bug #4794: Display software installation with use of is_dynamic in glpi_computers_softwareversions
  • Bug #4806: Add recursivity on creation form of a user
  • Bug #4808: Computer loses licenses during transfer
  • Bug #4809: Trouble on regex result with quotes
  • Bug #4810: Delete task notification to users
  • Feature #4764: Add type of contract in search engine for an item
  • Feature #4776: Redirect after delete a group or a user in ticket, change, problem
  • Feature #4801: Add tag mobile phone

Link para download do GLPI 0.84.5:

E você? Vai instalar? Vai esperar? Se instalou. Teve algum problema que encontrou?

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