GLPI 0.83.2 Disponível

Ontem no finalzinho do dia recebi a notícia de que o GLPI 0.83.2 estava disponível para download.

Visualizando o changelog da versão pude verificar diversas correções de bugs bastante interessantes. Alguns até que eu acabei quebrando a cabeça para tentar resolver.

Abaixo uma cópia do changelog disponível no link

Tarefas relacionadas

  • Bug #3510: Can’t delete group affected to a problem
  • Bug #3522: Ticket template with not display predefined fields
  • Bug #3523: Maximum duration of task to 100h
  • Bug #3524: Reminder visibility bugs : not take into account hours
  • Bug #3532: Always propose Entity as visibility criteria
  • Bug #3533: Problem on send notification to groups : not send to supervisor
  • Bug #3534: Fix SQL notice on login
  • Bug #3537: bug on problem navigation
  • Bug #3539: Fix delete ticket notification
  • Bug #3545: Assign groups to ticket rules not filtered
  • Bug #3546: Anonymous FAQ categories display
  • Bug #3547: Bug on add from template with ‘
  • Bug #3555: Missing supplier field on ticket creation
  • Bug #3557: On rules, criteria exist/not exist not check is value is 0
  • Bug #3559: update a closed ticket
  • Bug #3571: Bad URL link on notifications
  • Bug #3577: Ticket recurrent issue with special char. in text field
  • Bug #3580: Bug in purge user
  • Bug #3581: Bug in transfer of a ticket
  • Bug #3586: File system conversion not detected
  • Bug #3587: View ticket for a post only that can’t create ticket
  • Bug #3593: Improve extract title from content on mailcollector
  • Bug #3594: Error extracting striping text content when bad quoting
  • Bug #3595: Software dictionnary problem
  • Bug #3596: Missing under criteria for asisgn group on rule criteria
  • Bug #3597: Delete delegate and supervisor of groups from massive actions
  • Bug #3598: Bookmark and nosearch items
  • Bug #3602: due date calculation with waiting times with SLA
  • Bug #3613: Change summary for ICS export (no item linked but ticket tile)
  • Bug #3618: create private task on duraton set depending on user pref
  • Bug #3626: ticket template : actor list displayed when set as hidden.
  • Bug #3627: ticket creation don’t use user default entity
  • Bug #3628: Duplicated category after ticket transfer
  • Feature #3582: Debug mode from command line
  • Task #3529: Add SLA delay (minutes)

Mensagem oficial de Release no site do GLPI

Que tal testar a nova versão??

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