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GLPI 9.5 – My First Impressions

Thanks to #Teclib, I put my hands in a test instance of GLPI 9.5 at GLPI Network Platform. I did love the new UI, so I had to make a video and share it with the world. Take a look at that, let your comments down there and wait for the next episodes of this brand new #GLPI.

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Improvement suggestion for GLPI — Hide fields on Simplified interface but not on Default Interface

Simplified Interface = Final user interface in GLPI. Without access to the technical interface of tickets and system.

Default Interface = Services team Interface. Technical modules and tickets access.

There’s a functionality inside GLPI to hide fields on ticket creation at the Simplified Interface. The only problem is that when we hide fields like Localization or Urgency at the Simplified Interface, for example, the same fields are hidden even at Default Interface, preventing the technical team to use these fields.

I created an improvement suggestion at userecho portal to simplify even more the final user interface without hiding the fields for the technical team e to permit the creation of more complete e more informative reports.

If you liked the idea, vote for it at the portal!!

Evernote — Quick tip about the Text Editor

Evernote — Quick tip about the Text Editor

I have a quick tip of a discovery I made on Evernote for Windows

I use the Shift key on my keyboard to select texts while I type:

  • Shift + Right or Left Directional key selects letter by letter
  • Shift + Ctrl + Right or Left Directional key selects word by word

And today, unintentionally, after select de text, I used Shift + Ctrl and Up/Down keys. And so, I found out that my text goes Superscript and Subscript, respectively.

Evernote Superscript Subscript

I think this is an awesome tool to people, like me, who doesn’t like to drag the mouse all around to format and edit texts while typing.

p.s.: I tested the same commands on Word and it didn’t work. That’s why I believe it only works in Evernote at all.

Sign up to Evernote right now!! Click here!!

Improvement suggestion to GLPI — Targets for solution/tasks templates

To whom not seen yet, GLPI, since its 9.1 version, has the function to create and use Solutions Templates and Tasks Templates for repetitive activities which, in general, present few description variations into a task/solution, making it fast to feed the tickets.

The problem with that function is that once the templates are created, they’re visible to all the technicians which have permission to feed tickets.

Thinking of that, I made an improvement suggestion for us to have the possibility to define targets, as on knowledge base items, to limit the templates access by groups, entities or users.

If you think it’s a good suggestion, upvote it on the userecho website for us to see this function in next versions.