Evernote — Quick tip about the Text Editor

Evernote — Quick tip about the Text Editor

I have a quick tip of a discovery I made on Evernote for Windows

I use the Shift key on my keyboard to select texts while I type:

  • Shift + Right or Left Directional key selects letter by letter
  • Shift + Ctrl + Right or Left Directional key selects word by word

And today, unintentionally, after select de text, I used Shift + Ctrl and Up/Down keys. And so, I found out that my text goes Superscript and Subscript, respectively.

Evernote Superscript Subscript

I think this is an awesome tool to people, like me, who doesn’t like to drag the mouse all around to format and edit texts while typing.

p.s.: I tested the same commands on Word and it didn’t work. That’s why I believe it only works in Evernote at all.

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Por Arthur Schaefer

Arthur Ramos Schaefer é MBA em Gerenciamento de Projetos e Tecnólogo em Redes de Computadores. Atua também como instrutor e professor de Redes de computadores e idiomas. Trabalha com Consultoria em Service Desk, produtividade e GLPI.

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